Partner, McKinsey Digital, Moscow

Arsen Storozhev

Member of the McKinsey Digital in Moscow. Key focus areas: Agile / DevOps / Digital transformations for telecoms and banks, IT strategy and architecture. Arsen has over 10 years of telecom and over 5 years of agile transformation experience.

▪ Leader of a holistic turnaround of an Eastern European telco with elements of agile transformation and new products / levers in “CHANGE”
functions (>4500 FTE) and productivity improvement / automation in line organization (>20.000 FTE)
▪ Leader of an agile transformation for a Hungarian telco with >1500 FTE in agile scope (largest agile telco to date in Europe)
▪ Leader of an agile transformation for a Polish telco with >1000 FTE in agile scope
▪ Leader of design and setup of cross-country Product & IT/NW unit delivering customer journeys, products and IT/NW enablers for an EU telco
▪ Leader of a digital customer journey transformation, IT modernization and agile transformation with >600 FTE in scope, incl. agile org, digital
customer journey redesign and microservice architecture for a Russian bank
▪ Leader of an agile transformation for a European bank with >2000 FTE in scope, with focus on first wave of agile tribes, structure design and
▪ Leader of an agile transformation for a multi-country Scandinavian bank with >2000 FTE in scope (with focus on IT aspects)
▪ Agile transformation consultant for a large Eastern European bank, covering 18,000+ people and including design of the new organization with
subsequent implementation support. Developed a new operating model, organization structure and roles, designed ceremonies and
squad/tribe way of working, introduced a new product management approach, supported IT process simplification and automation, introduced
new release management process with DevOps / Continuous Delivery and assessed their applicability to the legacy landscape. Developed a
training program, set up a transformation office and Agile coaching Centre of Excellence, trained and launched squads and informal guilds.
▪ Pan-European MVNO implementation across 5 countries for an international cable company, incl. BSS / OSS / Core Network architecture, crosscountry IT delivery planning setup and IT/NW environments roll-out
▪ Global IT diagnostics covering 11 countries for an international Telecom Company (IT applications, organization and spend synergies)
▪ Cloud / hosting product strategies, market entry and M&A/IT due diligence, for telecom and fiber operators in Europe and Africa