Enterprise Agility Center Director, McKinsey

Daniel Rona

Daniel Rona is a Partner in the Budapest Office of McKinsey & Company. Since joining the Firm in 2006 September, he has been focusing on tech enabled large scale transformations. Daniel is a leader of Organization Practice of McKinsey responsible for Central Europe and is the founder of McKinsey’s Enterprise Agility Center.

Prior to joining McKinsey Daniel worked at a European manufacturing company. Among his relevant project experiences are:
▪ Lead Agility transformation multiple industries and countries, for example a leading European bank and its subsidiaries in multiple countries, a leading Telco company and its subsidiaries in multiple countries, leading banks in CIS, Australia, Russia & Netherlands, a leading Russian Telco company and a leading European Energy company
▪ Lead overarching digital transformation in a CE bank including process automation, end to end journeys, that
lead to significant cost and revenue implications across the board
▪ Lead IT transformation in a major European energy company including target architecture definition and cost
saving target definition and fulfilment
▪ Lead IT transformation in a major CE energy company including preparation for digitalization
▪ Lead introduction of agile product development in a CE bank on multiple solutions and innovations
▪ Lead customer care automation project in a European bank
▪ Lead support function target operation model for a CE energy company